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Real Estate Photography in Orange County, California

Why to use Professional Photography for Real Estate.

Brad is a real estate photographer located in Orange County, California. He provides high quality photos to Realtors and home owners interested in showcasing their property. His services come at an affordable rate, and are produced at 100% of his ability, 100% of the time, so a home can be sold faster and at the highest price possible.

Brad lives with his wife and daughter in northern Orange County. He graduated from CSULB in studio art/ graphic design, and has nearly 10 years of experience in photography and image enhancement. In addition to real estate photography, Brad also works as a production artist for the world renowned Quiksilver surf company, where he designs and prepares graphics for Roxy’s Sportswear and Tees.

If you want to recession proof your listings, you must use the best marketing possible to stand out from the crowd. Professional Photography from Bradley Fry is what will give you and your property the strongest competitive advantage. A house used to attract its potential buyers by its curb appeal. However, with over 87% of home searches now taking place on the internet, potential buyers easily disregard properties just because of poor photographs. It only makes sense that professional photography should be given top priority in home marketing budgets.

Many will want to do it themselves, however, one cannot paint the Sistine Chapel just because they have Michelangelo’s paintbrush. I have nearly ten years of experience in photography and image manipulation. It takes a true professional to make a real difference for your listing. A recent survey confirms this, finding that the perceived value of a home increased almost 13%, and was 3 times more likely to sell when professional photography was used.

The biggest reason to use professional photography isn’t to market the home, however, but to market yourself. An agent who consistently uses professional photography has a significant advantage when a seller is in search of a listing agent. Imagine a high-end restaurant using paper plates and plastic dinnerware. This is what buyers and sellers see when an agent uses poor photographs. It is no wonder the average seller goes through 2.7 agents before the house is sold.

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