Plan on Sport Fishing for Cobia on Your Next Gulf Coast Vacation

If you’re new to sport fishing on the Gulf Coast, fishing for Cobia can be quite difficult.

Cobia is a strong, hard-hitting fighter that can take your line off faster than you think.

They are also known for continuing the fight in the boat, if you don’t have the time to do so on the line.

If not you’ll be fighting an angry fish with a legal limit of 33 inches fork length.

You can expect serious sport fishing action considering that cobia fish can often be found up to 50 lbs.

Cobia are also a delicious fish, so make sure to include them in your Gulf Coast Fishing trip.

Experts are a great resource for anyone planning a Gulf Coast fishing trip to cobia. Gulf Coast fishing guides can even take you to the mouth of the Mississippi River and also have the knowledge, tackle, licenses, and right boat to make your fishing trip productive and enjoyable.

Some Cobia Facts

Cobia are also known as lemon fish, ling, cabio and crabeater. This is due to its predisposition towards crab, which is one the most popular baits to catch them.

This is one of the most table-friendly Gulf Coast fish that has a medium-firm texture and a mild flavor. 

Cobia are long, slim, with a distinctive shovel-shaped nose, a protruding jaw, and a slim body. Their color is dark brown with a slight white underbelly. They have a visible darker strip running the length of their bodies from their eyes to their tail. A dorsal fin is also present, with a few smaller ones ahead.

Cobia’s unique feature is their tendency to hold their pectoral fins horizontally. The Cobia can often be mistaken for a shark. With its coloring, a lemon shark is usually what comes to mind. This species is fast-growing and can be found along the Gulf Coast, not too far from the New Orleans area. Within two years, fish can grow to 33 inches in length. Cobia are usually caught weighing between 15 and 50 pounds.

Sometimes Cobia over 100 pounds are occasionally caught. These are usually females, which are the largest of the species. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has cited the State Record for a cobia fish of 130 pounds and 1 ounce.

Fishing For Cobia

Crabs, shrimp, and bait fish attract cobia fish to structures where they can congregate. The best places to fish for cobia in the Gulf Coast are grass flats, reefs, wrecks, and over-floating debris.

Cobia fishing is very popular, especially when you are using fly fishing or lighter tackle. One of the most important techniques for cobia fishing is sight-fishing. Cast out just a few feet in front. Next, use lots of action on retrieving by making sure to draw them to the bait.

Cobia fishing lures that make noise are the best, although plastic eels can also be very effective. It is important to set the hook in a way that the eel can swim straight through the water. The hook should be inserted into the mouth, with the tip of the hook positioned further back.


How Does Ibogaine Treat Addiction?

Methods of Drug Addiction Treatment

In treating addictions such as drug addiction, there are two popular methods that have been utilized for many years now. These two methods are known as neuroleptic drugs and antidepressants and are used regularly in dual diagnosis treatment. Neuroleptics can work by blocking neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and noradrenaline. Once the neurotransmitters are blocked, the receptors cannot receive the signal for the chemical called dopamine. This causes the patient to have the feeling of being unconnected from their surroundings or feeling detached emotionally.

Medications Used in Drug Addiction Treatment

The drug Bupropion is derived from the plant called Salvia Cordata and is commonly used to treat hypertension. It works by preventing the nerve impulses controlling the muscles from getting released. When the drug is used continuously, it will eventually cause the drug to reach the parts of the brain that are responsible for memory, movement, behavior, sexual function and craving. By blocking these sites, it prevents the drug from getting into the receptors.

Another medication that is often used in the treatment of drug addiction is Antabuse. It has been designed to help curb the craving the patient may have for their drug of choice. What happens is that the brain’s neurotransmitters are again sent to their proper places but with Antabuse, they only get released when the patient needs them. When they are blocked, the patient begins to have withdrawal symptoms. Antabuse on its own however cannot break down or stop a brain chemical which means it cannot be used as a stand-alone drug.

The last form of medication used in ibogaine therapy is Clonidine. It is given through injection. It works by preventing dopamine from getting into the brain. Once it gets there, it gets metabolized into lactic acid which causes cramps and other such discomforts similar to those of a heart attack. As a result, users of Clonidine for the treatment of addiction will often need to go through IV therapies in addition to being on an ongoing maintenance plan.

In many countries around the world, it is widely used as a treatment for addiction. Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and others have seen massive increases in their ibogaine use over the past decade. One reason for this is that they have become less interested in traditional forms of medication, such as those used for chronic conditions or diseases. The government in these countries often promotes the use of this treatment because it is relatively cheap to obtain, relatively easy to administer, and has a high success rate when used under the care of qualified professionals. As such, the government encourages more people to try out this treatment for their addictions, especially those who can’t afford other forms of treatment.


If you or a loved one suffer from any type of addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or something else, you may want to talk to your doctor about ibogaine. While there are no known side effects at this time, it is still important to consult with your doctor so you can determine if this would be a good option for your addiction. Ibogaine may not cure your addiction or the stress that may come with it but using this treatment may help to significantly reduce its severity and the associated symptoms.