Tips for Catching Monster Catfish Near the Mississippi River

Catching Monster Catfish Near the Mississippi River

While there are many folks who feel the largemouth bass is the premier sports fish because of its high-jumping and hard-hitting abilities, the local, in and around New Orleans  Louisiana area know that the catfish is king when it comes to bending those fishing poles. Many Louisiana charter boat fishing captains will tell you that huge catfish are being reeled in on a daily basis in a number of key spots along the Mississippi River – especially around Venice LA.


If you’re looking for a challenge, and you want to haul in a record-size catfish, the following tips will help you land a monster of your own. Here are a few tips for catching a monster catfish near the mouth of the Mississippi River.


Using the Right Type Catfish Bait

When you use the wrong bait, you not only catch the smaller catfish, you wind up attracting other species who will take the bait right off the hook before the giant catfish have a chance to show up. If you are looking to haul in a catfish over 10 pounds, you’ll need to be using fish bait. Goldfish and minnows can be purchased at any number of local bait shops that dot the Mississippi coastline. To catch a monster, you want to consider using suckers, herring, or shad, due to their oily nature.


To catch the really big fish, go with sunfish, goldeyes, or carp. While most catfish prefer the fish to be live, if they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat just about anything. Good rule of thumb, the smaller the catfish, the less particular they are about their diet.


Leaving the Hook Points Exposed

A popular complaint among avid catfish hunters is that they get frustrated when the catfish that bite don’t take the hook,

big ass catfish

big ass catfish

however, there is a very simple solution. Start fishing with the barb of the hook exposed instead of it being hidden. There is no truth to the stories of catfish avoiding the line if they see the hook. These fish are not smart enough to even know what a hook is, especially when they are hungry. When you hide the hook the barbed end must first penetrate through your bait before the catfish, giving them time to steal your bait and escape.


Simply thread your hook through your bait choice three times and leave the point exposed, you may lose a hook or two, but the monster catfish you catch will make it all worthwhile.


Fishing for Catfish Year-Round

There is a belief in this region that the big catfish only bite in the summer. Perhaps this may have been started by local fishermen hoping to keep others from hitting the area other times of year, regardless, it is not true. Although summer is a productive time to go catfishing, you could do just as well if not better by fishing in winter, spring, and fall as well. Some catfish in the Mississippi River basin bite all year long, even when the temperatures in the water approach freezing which is rare in this part of the country. While some breeds of catfish do slow down as the water gets colder, they need to put on the pounds in late fall and early spring.

Huge Mississippi Catfish

In fact, if catfish are spawning in the summer, it could be the worst time to try and lure in a male who is busy guarding the nest.


Sitting, Waiting, Hooking and Catching

To catch the real monster catfish in the Louisiana area, you need to develop the skill of being extremely patient. It really doesn’t matter the weather conditions or time of year, Louisiana  fishing for catfish is certainly a sit-and-wait type game. What you will need to do is get your bait as close to the bottom as possible, then sit quietly as you wait for a monster catfish to find it. This

can be done on the back of a charter boat, or still-fish from a spot on the banks. One tip to catch bigger catfish from the shore, set your bait where the action is increased. The best places are the areas right below a river dam, it helps to channel the fish right to your bait.


Setting up at the junction of two rivers is idea because it forces the fish to a smaller swimming area and the motion of the rushing waters creates the perfect camouflage.


Fishing on the Morning Shift

mississippi river catfish

Mississippi river catfish

If you are fishing in discolored or muddy waters, the catfish will find your bait both night and day. The trouble is that many new fishermen to the area do the same in clear water, and wonder why the catfish don’t bite. When the sun is higher in the sky, the catfish leave the clear waters for the safety of deeper and darker places. When you are fishing the clear waters in the morning, you will certainly catch an abundance of bigger catfish. The catfish are usually filling up their bellies right before the sun comes up, then they go searching for a dark place to sit and hide for the day. With the sun in the sky, these fish now have better vision, and your movements on the shore or in a boat could frighten them away.


The catfish use their heightened sense of smell and taste to find food before the sun comes up, the perfect time to put your bait on the bottom and wait. The catfish should start going after your live bait an hour before dawn and last only an hour or two tops after that.


Speak to any Louisiana charter boat fishing captain about the best spots for catching catfish, they’ll get you to where you need to be. Now you know the techniques to help you find and land the biggest catfish hiding in those muddy waters just out of sight. Keep these tips in mind and you could be on pace to breaking the record for the biggest catfish caught in the waters near Louisiana.



Looking To Buy A Home In Lakeview New Orleans?


Before Lakeview, New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina; it was an idyllic neighborhood that was filled with beautiful homes and a hard working and appropriately educated community.
After the destruction of  Hurricane Katrina, the arduous endeavored residents decided to rebuild this community and has since reformed to be one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the New Orleans area.  Lakeview was made famous by many videos and pictures on national television after the flood.  With the area of Lakeview not requiring flood insurance, this neighborhood became the centerpiece of the debate on if everyone should have flood insurance.

Things  Now

 As at the moment, the average price of a Lakeview home has gone up to a stunning 46 percent. This comes few years after the destruction that were experienced as a result of the hurricane Katrina. The heated real estate market in Lakeview New Orleans has continued to accelerate with the average price per square foot in the last few months increasing by almost 9 percent.
The average selling price per square foot of a house was ranging at over $120, which is a 6% increase since the hurricane hit the area and an 18.6 percent rise over the past ten years.  This has created a challenge for first time home buyers.

New Trend in Lakeview Homes

Just a decade ago, homes that were ranch-styled were undesirable, but it now appears that they are coming back in popularity. They are currently selling at top prices in Lakeview, New Orleans. Lakeview real estate has really grown in the wake of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.  The rise in home values in Lakeview have outpaced that of other New Orleans homes.

Determining The Future

To determine whether this growth in Lakeview real estate industry will be able to be sustained relies mainly on two major factors. The first one is how the gas and oil layoffs will influence the local neighborhood. The second factor is the time that the Federal Reserve will again raise the interest rates, since higher interest rates impact home sales substantially.

The Challenges

homes in lakeview new orleansA monthly mortgage has become cheaper that actually renting within the city. One thing that may dampen the market is the gradual increase in the rates of interests. Lakeview homeowners who might have taken advantage of low rates in the past years might have to hold their dreams of moving to a new home because of a higher rate.
But the rise in price for Lakeview homes for sale has also benefited the whole region of New Orleans. Compared to other southern cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, New Orleans currently has a sustained employment growth. All this is courtesy of the growth in the Lakeview real estate.

Rehab – Knowing when Enough is Enough

Rehab – Knowing when Enough is Enough

There is nothing to be ashamed of if considering rehab for your drug or alcohol dependencies. In fact, if you feel that you’ve lost control over your life due to substance abuse; rehab is truly the way to do. Whether for drug rehab or alcohol addiction, detox centers feature helpful staff, nurses, physicians and mental care experts.  There can be a silver lining to drug addiction. They never judge anyone because of their addictions, and truly offer unsurpassed support and assistance for anyone and everyone during drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This includes proper nutritional guidance, moral support, personal counseling, group counseling, group activities, and medicines that help the body and mind recover from substance and alcohol abuse.

Drug Dependencies in New Orleans

New Orleans is knows for its libations and good times.  In some instances, The New Orleans lifestyle can get the better of you.  With New Orleans representing everything in excess, whether it be eating, music or visiting the world famous Bourbon Street, it is understandable by New Orleanians seem to have more drug and alcohol issues than the rest of the country.

How to know when enough is Enough?

We all tend to hit rock bottom at least once in our lives. This can be due to work or family related problems, stress, financial issues, health issues or other problems. Unless you are strong-minded and do not need substances to get you through the trials and tribulations of life there is no concern for addiction. However, many people are not that strong and tend to rely on alcohol, tobacco, and other substances to temporarily escape from their problems. This can lead to addiction especially if you rely on these substances every day. You are actually training the mind and body to depend on these crutches and it can be difficult to stop them on your own. No truer is this then if you base your entire life on alcohol or drugs, which can result in the following:

  • Loss of job or income due to being dependent on drugs or alcohol.
  • Depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and that the world is out to get you.
  • Avoiding family, friends, loved ones, and normal and healthy relations with people.
  • Family and friends losing trust in you due to your addiction you may be stealing from loved ones and friends to support your addiction.
  • Addiction can result in physical health issues as well, including weight loss, weight gain, respiratory problems, liver issues and much more.

These are but a few problems you can encounter due to addiction. However, drug detox and rehabilitation center services can help get your life back. Whether you check in on your own or your family requests it you are guaranteed to get your mental and physical well-being back. Like anything in life, you must have trust and believe in the professionals that will help you eradicate your addiction and get back on the right path to happiness and addiction relief.

Rehabilitation Centers What to Expect?

the road to recoveryNot all rehabilitation centers are the same in terms of the programs and activities they offer. However, one constant remains the same that is to help anyone dealing with drug, tobacco, or alcohol addictions overcome their addictions and live a substance-free life. In order to make the most out of your stay in rehab, it is best to follow the directions and plans that will be laid out by your doctor. This may include individual sessions where you can discuss anything and everything with your physician without the fear of being judged. Mental health experts will also help you understand why and how your addiction happened, and the best ways to overcome it and live life to its fullest. Nutritionists also help in recovery by formulating healthy eating habits for you while group sessions and activities help you see that you are not alone in your struggle. Remember, just going to rehab is already 50% of the battle. It takes a strong person to admit when he or she has lost control over their lives due to drugs or alcohol. You are a lot stronger than you feel or give yourself credit for and with professional help you will be able to get your life back in no time at all.

Family Support

Family will also be on your side during your stay at rehab. In fact, the detox center always stays in touch with family and friends if you need that. If not, your privacy is always respected at any center you choose to get help in.


How To Sell Your House Quickly & Hassle Free – Discover USA’s Best Home Buyers

How To Sell Your House Quickly & Hassle Free – Discover USA’s Best Home Buyers

is quick, convenient, and hassle free house selling at its finest. We buy houses, townhouses, condos, and lofts in all area and in any condition all throughout the USA and we can buy yours too.

Finally Sold revolutionized the traditional home selling process and removed all the hassles, headaches, and stress of the old and sluggish real estate agent way of trying to sell your home.

Now you can simply contact Finally Sold and get paid and close on your home in just 10 days or on the date of your choice. Gone are all the inconveniences and uncertainties of the traditional real estate agent or FSBO way.

You see, prior to now, you really only had two main choices in selling your home. You could have either listed it with a Real Estate Agent, or acted like a agent yourself and try to market and sell it “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). But both of those two methods came with similar headaches and challenges.

Sure, while these two methods are definitely still an option today, before you undertake one of these two outdated options, ask yourself these simple questions:

Do you really want to be forced to put your normal routine and lifestyle on hold and always have to keep your home spotless and open to many strangers wandering through and nitpicking your home?

Do you really enjoy getting those last minute calls from Real Estate Agents asking to show your home at very inconvenient moments, like when you are say cooking dinner or when you have just put the kids down for a nap?

Do you really want to wait months for your Real Estate Agent to finally bring you an unknown home buyer that may or may not ever even close the deal?

Do you really want to risk going with a retail home buyer who will be “trying” to get a hard to come by mortgage from a bank?

Do you really want to be forced to have to follow the rigid time-line that your buyer demands instead of being able to call your own shots?

Do you really want to deal with a finicky and pretentious retail home buyer that is going to ask you to make a lot of costly repairs to your house?

Do you really want to be in a situation where you have virtually zero control over the home selling process? You know, where you don’t know when or if your house will ever close. And you are in a constant and stressful state of limbo?

BE HONEST… Do you really want to subject yourself to all that?

But… What If???

What if all of those inconveniences of selling your home listed above could just melt away?

What if there was a Simpler, Faster, and more Convenient way to sell your house?

What if you could instead just sell your house to us on the date that YOU pick, without any of the traditional hassles, delays, and inconveniences?

With The Finally Sold Way™, ALL of that is now possible!

Yes… it really is that simple!

Discover how can help you quickly and easily get your house sold and let you move on with life.

Struggle is optional! Find out how we can let you move on with your life without skipping a beat. We buy houses, townhouse, condos, and lofts in any area and in any condition and we can buy yours too. Contact us today to quickly and effortlessly sell your house.

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”-iefp1HCUUY” title=”How To Sell Your House Quickly & Hassle Free – Discover USA’s Best Home Buyers” upload_time=”2015-01-10T19:14:44.000Z” description=” is quick, convenient, and hassle free house selling at its finest. We buy houses, townhouses, condos, and lofts in all area and in any condition all throughout” duration=”PT2M31S”]


Selling Your Home Without A Realtor? Thoughts From One For Sale By Owner!

Selling Your Home Without A Realtor?


Thoughts From One For Sale By Owner!

Thinking of selling your home without a Realtor? Listen to one homeowner’s story of selling a home by themselves. Don’t try to sell your home without a real estate agent… we’ll sell your home in 60 days, or we’ll sell it for FREE!

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Woodstock GA, Acworth GA, or Kennesaw GA by yourself – or “By Owner” – have a look at this Sell Home By Owner video. Here’s what one homeowner had to say about their experience trying to sell their home without a Realtor.

Selling Your Home Without a Realtor? Thoughts from one For Sale By Owner:



How To Sell Your Home Yourself

How To Sell Your Home Yourself

Watch more How to Sell Your Home videos:

If you want to save yourself the cost of a real estate agent’s commission, do an FSBO, or, For Sale By Owner.

Step 1: Clean up the house
Clean up the house, tossing anything that could detract from the overall appearance. Spruce up the yard, touch up paint, and do minor repairs. Get rid of clutter, which makes a house appear small and unkempt.

Step 2: Hire a title company
Hire a title company to do a title search and confirm that you have clear home title. Providing them with your old title insurance policy will reduce search time and cost less.

Step 3: Retain an attorney
Retain an experienced real estate attorney to protect your interests and get all your paperwork in order.

Step 4: Establish a fair price
Establish a fair price for your home by averaging the sales figures for homes that have just sold or are currently up for sale in the immediate area.

Buyers expect a better price in a FSBO sale.

Step 5: Compose information sheet
Compose an information sheet with several pictures of the home, and the asking price. Detail room sizes, as well as special features such as a fireplace, pool, family room, or deck.

Step 6: Make a sign
Get a “For Sale By Owner” sign with contact numbers. Place it where passing cars can see it. Attach a box with copies of the information sheet.

Quick-selling homes are often in great shape or have a unique feature.

Step 7: Advertise the sale
Put an ad in the local newspaper’s classified sections, and online. Network with friends to get the word out. Arrange open house days for potential buyers to inspect the property.

Join online social-networking sites to announce the sale. Include the picture and details to expand your pool of potential buyers.

Step 8: Let the attorney handle closing
Negotiate with the buyer until you can accept an offer. Then hand paperwork for the closing to your attorney.

Did You Know?
Did you know? According to Consumer Reports magazine, owners are more likely to get their asking price, while agents get about ,000 less.

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”BFTfrcik8TA” title=”How To Sell Your Home Yourself” upload_time=”2010-06-28T22:24:45.000Z” description=”Watch more How to Sell Your Home videos: If you want to save yourself the cost of a real estate agent’s commission, do an FSBO, or, For Sale By Owner. Step” duration=”PT2M27S”]


How To Sell Your House Yourself

How To Sell Your House Yourself

How To Sell Your House Yourself,How To Sell Your Home Yourself
or to download our new free book, which will also be available on the iTunes Book Store as well as the Kindle Store. But for now its available at our website for FREE for a limited time!

It answers many of the top questions people have about todays real estate market. Everything from short sale,s foreclosures, to selling your home on your own as a FSBO and what to do if you home doesn’t sell.

what questions to ask an agent before you hire them and more. It is over 225 pages and contains over 30 years of Real Estate wisdom. The title is “Revealing Answers About Todays Real Estate Market” “30 Years of Real Estate Wisdom”
How To Sell Your House Yourself,How To Sell Your Home Yourself,How To Sell Your Home Privately,How To Sell Your House Yourself,How To Sell Your Home Yourself,How To Sell Your Home Privately

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”428Sh5H6Yd4″ title=”How To Sell Your House Yourself” upload_time=”2012-03-10T20:20:46.000Z” description=”How To Sell Your House Yourself,How To Sell Your Home Yourself or to download our new free book, which will also be available on the iTunes Book Store as” duration=”PT2M43S”]


Sell Your House Faster And For More Money! – Professional Real Estate Photography

Sell Your House Faster And For More Money! – Professional Real Estate Photography –

Real Estate Photography in Orange County, California

Why to use Professional Photography for Real Estate.

Brad is a real estate photographer located in Orange County, California. He provides high quality photos to Realtors and home owners interested in showcasing their property. His services come at an affordable rate, and are produced at 100% of his ability, 100% of the time, so a home can be sold faster and at the highest price possible.

Brad lives with his wife and daughter in northern Orange County. He graduated from CSULB in studio art/ graphic design, and has nearly 10 years of experience in photography and image enhancement. In addition to real estate photography, Brad also works as a production artist for the world renowned Quiksilver surf company, where he designs and prepares graphics for Roxy’s Sportswear and Tees.

If you want to recession proof your listings, you must use the best marketing possible to stand out from the crowd. Professional Photography from Bradley Fry is what will give you and your property the strongest competitive advantage. A house used to attract its potential buyers by its curb appeal. However, with over 87% of home searches now taking place on the internet, potential buyers easily disregard properties just because of poor photographs. It only makes sense that professional photography should be given top priority in home marketing budgets.

Many will want to do it themselves, however, one cannot paint the Sistine Chapel just because they have Michelangelo’s paintbrush. I have nearly ten years of experience in photography and image manipulation. It takes a true professional to make a real difference for your listing. A recent survey confirms this, finding that the perceived value of a home increased almost 13%, and was 3 times more likely to sell when professional photography was used.

The biggest reason to use professional photography isn’t to market the home, however, but to market yourself. An agent who consistently uses professional photography has a significant advantage when a seller is in search of a listing agent. Imagine a high-end restaurant using paper plates and plastic dinnerware. This is what buyers and sellers see when an agent uses poor photographs. It is no wonder the average seller goes through 2.7 agents before the house is sold.

To be the agent you’ve always wanted to be, contact me now.



‘How To Sell Your Home Privately In BC’

‘How To Sell Your Home Privately In BC’

REPORTS ON: “How to sell your home privately in BC”

FREE reports on the top mistakes home owners make when selling privately and the solutions to keep you safe and get the right price for your home!”

Here’s what you can expect to learn in these reports:
– How do you know if your buyer is qualified?
– 5 ways to speed up your sale and get the right price.
– 5 items to have on-hand for the new owners.
– 6 terms to watch for in a purchase contract.



7 Steps to Selling a Home Privately –

Using photography to sell your home is Canada’s national for sale by owner (FSBO), private sale real estate web site. Sell your house and pay yourself, commission free. Seven (7) …

Will Selling Your Home Privately Lead to Legal Problems …

Jan 30, 2014 – Q: I’ve heard real estate agents say some troubling things, even saying it was illegal for a seller to sell their home privately. Is this true?

Home Sellers Guide –

Some have even gone to the extent of thinking that it may be illegal to sell a home privately. Real Estate Agents have never liked Home Owners to sell their …

Contract of Purchase and Sale of Real Property – British …

Get a British Columbia Contract of Purchase and Sale of Real Property online in just minutes. … document is a must for anyone buying or selling a home or lot privately in B.C. … The only contact information we need is your e-mail address.

The key to selling your home privately – Financial Post

Apr 14, 2010 – On the surface it seems like a no-brainer: Sell your home privately and

save thousands on the commission you would pay to a real estate agent …
Selling your home is one of the biggest financial transactions of your life. You should know several things before the “For Sale” sign goes up on your lawn.

Jun 6, 2011 – Poll shows many home owners think real estate commissions are too high and would consider selling their home privately.

Selling your home privately in BC
selling a home in BC
How to sell your home privately in BC
Selling a house privately in BC
How to sell a home privately in BC
How to sell a house privately in BC
How to sell a house without a Real estate agent in BC
How to sell my house without a realtor in BC

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”4I9nN4ztKkA” title=”‘How To Sell Your Home Privately In BC'” upload_time=”2015-03-19T12:21:04.000Z” description=” REPORTS ON: “How to sell your home privately in BC” FREE reports on the top mistakes home owners make when selling privately and the solutions to keep” duration=”PT2M48S”]